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valentine 1 out of stock

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Valentine One Radar Detector

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All About Valentine One Upgrade 2020

Read More Business Details. Customer Complaints 8 Customer Complaints. File a Complaint.Vortex Radar. More info coming soon! Is Valentine coming out with a new detector? Will it be the same or will there be changes? What will the changes be? When will the detector come out? Is Valentine going out of business? As far as changes, the updated V1 will be different than the current version 3.

When there is more information, they will let everyone know via their mailing list and on their website. I will definitely keep you posted when they resume shipping. If you have or find out any additional information in the meantime, please let me know down in the comments. Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

valentine 1 out of stock

Skip to comment form. I pre ordered my V2 about 5 months ago. Got the same vague story. They said the parts just arrived and took my pre order. I doubt we will ever see a V2. Then mike redesigned it and the range was exceptional!

I learned about the new design in a car and driver article that interviewed mike.

NEW V1 Coming......New Evidence

Mike detailed all of the improvements and gave a timeline on when the new design would be available. Result, they were overwhelmed with orders.

Mike is too smart to run out of parts. I noticed the V1 went out of stock around the time the Uniden R7 was released. I believe this is the first time a competitor clearly outperformed the V1.

The R7 has the arrows, longer range, equal BSM filtering, gps to quiet it down and a great display.

My Valentine 1 Gen2 Just Died...

Basically, Uniden designed the V2.Valentine One Gen2 Radar Detector. They know only where your car is, so they block a zone all around your car. This may be okay in a weak detector, but a long-range detector may find that signal a mile away.

Now GPS works against you because the block covers a huge zone. V1 Gen2 combines long range with lowered risk. Also known as Blind Spot Warning BSWlane-change warning, side-assist and similar sounding names, these are usually radar-based systems using K band.

They warn the driver of a vehicle in the way of a lane change. V1 Gen2 resists interference from almost all of them. The same sensor is also used in some Mercedes Benz vehicles and Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. When reverse has been engaged, the system will warn of a vehicle or object approaching from behind on either side of the vehicle or directly from behind, yet out of rear camera range.

Some systems will even apply the brakes to avoid impact. Also known as Forward Collision Warning FCWcrash-mitigation warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic-emergency braking or similar sounding names. These systems warn a driver of an impending collision with a car or object directly in its forward path. Some systems apply the brakes, sometimes firmly enough the bring the vehicle to a full stop. While most of these radars operate on 77 GHz radar, which does not trigger an alert in V1 Gen2, some systems in Mercedes-Benz vehicles and commercial vehicles use K-band radar which will provoke an alarm.

Vehicle manufacturers are generally moving toward the higher-frequency 77 GHz system. Since they use the same laser wave length as speed-enforcement laser, they trigger a similar laser warning in V1 Gen2. Mazda and Volvo models from will continue to be troublesome until we release a firmware update sometime later in Toyota, on the other hand, continues to equip the Corolla hatchback, Prius, and Yaris with the problematic laser.

Do you know what's around the next corner? Radar detector plus radar locator, all in one. Radar Locator. Bogey Counter. Threat ID. Full Coverage. Easy smartphone connection. Connect to any compatible device you already have. Our Free App for iPhone. Our Free App For Android. Too noisy where you are? V1 can whisper through headphones.However, the one thing in life that is constant, is change.

Unfortunately, the design and functions of the Valentine One lacked the innovation and vision necessary to make it "the last radar detector that you would ever need to buy," and many recovering Valentine One Zombies today have their Valentine One detectors stored in their closet collecting dust.

Overview of the Valentine One Radar Detector Mike introduced his Valentine One with its dual antenna design, enabling it to display the direction of a bogey radar threat through its patent directional arrow alert system, way back in As a result its original design, the Valentine One became known as the best long-range detector ever made during that time period. However, as things began changing in the police speed enforcement industry, Mike steadfastly refused to embrace innovation to keep up with new emerging technology.

This is accomplished through its twin antenna design, with one facing toward the front and one facing to the back. This put professional drivers and radar detector users living in areas where detectors were illegal at risk!

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In response to this development, an aviation specialist and engineer from Australia named Roy Zegers, an ex-business partner of Pete Taylor, the inventor of the Spectre, engineered a modification to his and other Valentine One detectors, enabling them to be stealth to the Spectre.

In Zegers came out to my home and together we went to Speed Measurement Laboratories to test his modification. The result was the Beltronics STithe first radar detector based upon their jointly engineered M3 antenna designenabling the detector to not only be stealth but also placed it in the extreme range categorya few notches ahead of the Valentine One! This system is able to filter out known false alert locations by the exact frequency and location of the threat.

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Get used to it. The odds of winning the Megabucks Million dollar lottery are much better then ever encountering a real threat from a police radar gun at the exact same location and frequency. Thus, Mike's claims that there is no difference between the signals of made by say a grocery store and a RDD is completely debunked.

Basically, you program this device to a speed threshold, for this example lets say from 15 to 55 mph. Now, any alert your detector receives within this set point is muted. The result is that your Valentine One will still alert as you drive by every shopping center, gas station, and bank in your neighborhoodbut at least you will not be annoyed by its incessant beeps.

By setting your detector to Auto, the GPS capabilities will automatically sense how fast you're driving and adjust the sensitivity of your detector accordingly. I can agree with Mike that no detector by itself can do that, however, by including a GPS coupled with a reliable photo enforcement database it would!

However, in city driving the only useful purpose I got out of driving with the V1 was knowing the direction of the closest false alert location. Also, having the ability to see on the display how many automatic door openers there are at a shopping center while driving through their parking lot is also a worthless feature in my opinion.

This feature does have some value out on the open highway, such as using it to identify the location of other motorists and semi trucks that have leaky radar detectors! My bottom line with the arrows is this: If Valentine could figure out a way to filter out all these crappy false alerts, I may be open to convert to a V1 Zombie myself, but now that the Escort Max has arrows and the most advanced signal processing and filtering out there, It's not likely any time soon.

Extreme Range Radar Detector I would rate the overall range of the Valentine One as being slightly less then the Escort and Beltronics M3 radar detectors I rate as 4 star radar detectors.

As a result, I would classify the V1 in the extreme range category, having just less than 8 times the capture rate distance of a police radar gun providing you with ample time to slow down. Filtering Capabilities of the V1 As I previously noted, the single biggest problem with the V1 is its inability to filter out false alerts.

This was also noted in Car and Driver's review during their review where they counted 53 false alerts during a 22 mile test drive.Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only.

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Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. NEW V1 Coming New Evidence. Thread starter focalcivic Start date Apr 23, Tagged users None. Status Not open for further replies. Joined May 30, Messages 1, Reaction score I do not have the patience to to read all of the threads to see if this was posted Jeez, way to get my hopes up!

It's been out of stock for over a week. Twi7ch brap brap Intermediate User. Premium Member.

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Joined Aug 19, Messages Reaction score Dude, this is pure laziness. A search of "out of stock" brings up so many recent posts about this.

Vortex Making Videos Observer. Advanced User. Lifetime Premium Member. Yeah there's a bunch of threads on the topic already. Thanks for reporting it though! V1 upgrade website not available Anyone else been getting this page when searching serial numbers? Temporarily out of stock? Anyone know something? Are we in for a spoiler? I also have many credible sources that have talked to Mike V. Valentine research future?

Anyone think Mike will sell off the business soon?

valentine 1 out of stock

No advances or upgrades in the past few years from them other than some patents in limbo. Oh, man On a lark I called V1 and said.All of us have been in a scenario where we have started speeding when driving on the highway. Everyone knows about speeding limits when driving, especially public roads that are used on by thousands of cars every day.

valentine 1 out of stock

However, drivers tend to go beyond the limit due to a myriad of distractions. Thus, providing you a high-end form of protection against police radar guns. It has two antennae located on its external region and a windshield unit. Also, the radar detectors can determine all K, X and KA laser signals and radar bands.

This will protect you from police cruisers driving behind you and speed traps down the road. Its directional indicators give you clear information on the signal threat detection. The arrows will spot the origin of the laser and radar signals. A numerical display is used to notify you of the threats that are within your area. The directional arrows are the best part of the design. When you receive an alert notification, the arrows tell you if the source is located at your side, back, or front.

Directional alerts provide a sense of spatial awareness, making it easier to identify the radar source. No longer do you have to spend hours configuring your device for it to work. With the Valentine One Radar Detector, you simply can install it in your vehicle. With its K and Ka bands, users can find the presence of red light cameras and speed traps within your vicinity. It rivals even the more recent releases from its competitors, as one can conclude on our comparison of Escort Redline Ex VS Valentine One.

Valentine offers software and hardware updates for that consumers can take advantage of when they send their previous model back to the manufacturer. The newest updated versions can track the frequency bands that law enforcement uses. The V1 is best suited for highways.Remember Me?

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Brigadier General. Pursuing Rdforum. Supposedly new display and electronic parts. Appreciate 2. Originally Posted by ScottSinger. Appreciate 0. Uniden's engineer They had 1 engineer left the company. It will be interesting to see what they come up with, after the R7, which is bulky, IMO. I had two different V1's for almost 20 years and was pretty happy with them.

A couple of years ago I made the switch to a Uniden R3. I miss the arrows a little but I like that Uniden actually updates their software. I don't trust V1 to ever update their software. Major General. I'm a huge fan of the Escortbeen running it for a while now.

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New upside is the ability to add the dash cam using the same mount and power supply. Originally Posted by dsmclone. I've owned the R7 and sent it back. I didn't like it at all. I'll stick to my V1 for now. Originally Posted by LucBroDude. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Mark Forums Read.