A teaser is a document circulated to potential buyers of a security that may be offered for sale in the future. The document is intended to generate interest in the investment's target market. Investment banks most commonly use teasers during initial public offerings or in the sale of real estate. The document, often prepared by the investment bank representing the issuing company, details information about the issuing company and investment opportunity that is designed to entice potential buyers.

The teaser's purpose is to create a demand for the security in question, and it may be followed by the prospectus, the final prospectusand the initial public offering. The teaser usually contains few details and may only highlight items that positively influence a potential buyer. For example, information on revenues may be available, but cost information may not be.

The teaser can also be used to solicit indications of interest when a company is considering an initial public offering. The investment bank can shop around the teaser and assess the market demand were the company to issue stock. If the teaser receives positive feedback, it could be an indication that the company might have a strongly sought after offering.

If there is little interest, it might be a signal to the company that an initial public offering is not a good idea. Orders for securities cannot be accepted when the teaser is issued. A final prospectus must be issues regarding the investment before orders can be taken for the newly issued stock. Stock Markets.

Investment Banking Pitch Books: Design, Examples & Templates

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Your Practice. Popular Courses. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. The Pot Pot is the portion of a stock or bond issue that investment bankers return to the managing or lead underwriter. Subscribed Definition Subscribed refers to newly issued securities that an investor has agreed or stated his or her intent to buy prior to the issue date.

Going Public Going public is the process of selling shares that were formerly privately held to new investors for the first time. Offering An offering is the issue or sale of a security by a company. It is often used in reference to an initial public offering IPO. What Is a Private Placement of Stock? A private placement is a sale of stock shares to pre-selected investors and institutions rather than on the open market.If you are looking for funding or need and an easy way to respond to serious private equity inquiries, then an investor teaser template should be ready to go on your shared drive.

This free PowerPoint template download below is based on a real-life teaser document and can be modified to your liking. I hired a professional designer via Upwork to covert this sample template from Word to PPT, spruce it up, and make it much easier to edit on the fly. For one, to save you time. Two, to control the flow of information. And, of course, to generate excitement in your SaaS business. And you have more control over how your information is relayed.

If you have a solid business and growing ARR, you may be getting those cold emails from private equity junior analysts looking for an introductory call. Most of the time, those emails get deleted by management, but some may spark a reply from you.

Rather than sending them all the items on their due diligence list, you can send them the teaser template to provide more information on your company and hopefully get them excited about the investment opportunity. Save yourself a bunch of time by using my sample investor teaser template. Send the teaser template to control the flow of information and generate excitement in your SaaS business.

Ben, as alway great stuff. Is the 2nd page in the template a mistake? I was expecting to see a cap table summary and ARR details, instead it was a differently formatted version of Page 1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, just two different versions. Great suggestions for a future release. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Conclusion Save yourself a bunch of time by using my sample investor teaser template. Free Download. Comments 2 Fundraising Investor Teaser Template.

Ben says: Reply September 28, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.July 8, Proposal Templates Leave a comment 3, Views. Investment proposal for one is among such important documents in the proposals category.

Investment proposals are written by individuals or by large companies for giving an idea or suggestion to some other individual or company for including the former as their investment or business partners in a specific business deal or project.

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Investment proposals are written for sending a reply to the invitation for money or resources investment with the said party. Investment proposals are hence important since the whole deal from onward will depend upon the idea of investment one sends to the inviting company or person.

Investment proposals are written by every individual or company according their own available resources. It is the sole responsibility of the proposal sender to consider all the angles of the investment risks, because the inviting company or individual usually are not responsible in case there is any loss afterwards. Therefore one should be cautious and vigilant while deciding to invest and send their proposal accordingly.

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Sometimes there is a minimum threshold of investment set by some parties in order to reduce the number of fake or uninterested investors. In that case, one should only write an investment proposal if they fall in the said category and should not waste time of both parties in case the requirements are not met. Investment proposals can be medium to long length documents depending upon the type of the project in which the resources are being invested.

The invitees usually publish or provide all the relevant idea details for the said project and one can easily estimate the expected profit or loss risks after thorough study of the details of the project and the scenario.

The investment proposal should be created in accordance with the required details of the inviting party so that your investment proposal should not be ignored due to certain reasons. There should be no grammatical, sentencing or spelling mistakes which can make the document and yourself look quite nonprofessional. The document should depict your stance clearly and any queries should be clearly asked from the inviting party to clarify any doubts at this stage when no work has been already done.

Extreme care should be taken while writing investment proposals since the whole risk is to be taken by you only in case of any mishap. So it is better to consider all the pros and cons before taking any further step.

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We are not associated or Partner with Microsoft or their Products. Our core objective is to help our visitors by providing quality Templates designed using Microsoft Word by our own staff.

Please contact us if you find any copyright or your own created template uploaded here by mistake.Most private equity firms, because they have a broader and more flexible acquisition criteria than strategic buyers, often review over businesses a year and will often only make investments in up to 5 of those companies.

investment teaser pdf

If the teaser does not attract the right potential buyer s and help screen out the irrelevant buyers, the rest of your sale or financing process will be much more laborious, much less efficient, and likely less successful.

Luckily, writing an excellent teaser is not rocket science, and this post shares with you the 6 Common Traits of Highly Effective teasers. Think of potential buyers of your business as pilots on a search mission, soaring at high altitudes scanning for interesting businesses to finance or acquire.

If they see something interesting from a high altitude, they drop down to lower altitudes to take a much more careful look. A teaser provides a 50,foot view of your company and gives preliminary access to information they would see if they were to go down to a 5,foot altitude. The goal of the teaser is NOT to sell your company, that will come later; the goal of the teaser is to ensure the right pilot s spot your company and fly down to the lower altitude.

Clearly State the Goals of the Proposed Transaction. Are you looking for growth capital, an ownership transition, recapitalization, liquidity event, consolidation of the shareholder base, etc?

investment teaser pdf

Are you looking for a hands-on partner to work through important issues or challenges, or are you primarily looking for capital to scale your existing business.

Prospective buyers will appreciate your being upfront about your goals and your reasoning for wanting to conduct a transaction. This type of behavior builds a foundation of trust between you and any buyer s you decide to engage.

You are a serious company with serious and important goals. You want to attract professional, experienced buyers. Your teaser must be a professional-looking and professionally-written document. Always use a professional font either Times New Roman or Arial. Send it as a PDF file. Do NOT capitalize words i. Triple check for flawless grammar and error-free spelling. Tell the Truth. This is vital. The worst way to start a transaction process is by being dishonest, withholding basic information or stretching your actual or projected financial performance.

You will never rebuild the lost credibility with potential buyers, and the odds are incredibly high that they will uncover your dishonesty at some point during the due diligence process. Keep it Concise and Professional.

The teaser should be one full page. This forces you to write concisely and focus on the importance of every word in the teaser. Remember that your audience reviews hundreds of acquisition opportunities each year. Make your time count. You want them spending time thinking about how interesting your company is, not trying to understand what your company does and who it serves.

Investor Teaser Template

Prospective buyers will review the teaser prior to executing a confidentiality agreement, so make sure they cannot identify your company based on information contained in the teaser. If you follow these 6 tips and spend the required time to appropriately summarize your business and your objectives, you will receive superior interest. Skip to content Subscribe to MMR. Axial is the deal network for the middle market. Request Information.

Select All. Middle Market Review Weekly articles covering the latest private capital market trends and outlooks.If you're new here, please click here to get my FREE page investment banking recruiting guide - plus, get weekly updates so that you can break into investment banking. Thanks for visiting!

investment teaser pdf

Bankers win deals primarily because of relationships cultivated over a long time ; a pretty presentation right before a company goes public means little compared with the years of meeting the CEO and CFO before that point. Here are a couple of examples:. The next section consists of credentialswhich include similar transactions your team has completed. Since turnover at banks is high, these lists often include transactions completed by team members when they were at other banks.

These pages look simple, but they can be time-consuming to put together because you need to find the most relevant deals and rearrange elements from other presentations. After these first few sections, which are similar in any pitch book, the structure and content start to differ based on what the bank is pitching.

For example, you might suggest that the company pursue a targeted sale process with the best buyers and aim to complete a deal within 12 months. Finally, in longer investment banking pitch books, there is often an Appendix with more detailed models and data, and sometimes even longer lists of potential acquirers. No one reads this section, but bankers enjoy spending time on unnecessary work read: evidence of effort. Large companies often meet with dozens of bankers per month, so originality can be important as well; many investment banks pitch the same set of acquisition targets repeatedly.

investment teaser pdf

But here are a few company profile and associated commentary slides similar to the ones found in buy-side pitch books:. In financing mandates — for equity, debt, and even restructuring deals — there are a few major differences compared with the investment banking pitch books described above:.

Subordinated Notes, and explain which one is best based on that. Also, see our coverage of IPO valuation models and debt vs. None of these is a pitch book according to the classic definition, but the slides often look similar, and there may be some common elements, such as the valuation section. Not all pitch books take days or weeks to complete — shorter ones might require only a few hours of work. But they can easily spiral into never-ending projects that require all-nighters and extraordinary effort to finish, resulting in those legendary investment banking hours.

Different banks use different tools and methods, so it might be counterproductive to learn too much in advance. You should also learn the key PowerPoint shortcuts very well, including how to customize PowerPoint to make it more efficient see our tutorial on PowerPoint Shortcuts in Investment Banking below :. Everyone knows that Excel is important in finance, but people tend to underestimate PowerPoint — even though most junior bankers spend more time in PowerPoint than Excel.

There are also practice exercises for creating deal and company profiles and fixing slides with formatting problems. In his spare time, he enjoys memorizing obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, traveling like a drug dealer, and defeating Sauron.

Investment teaser and memorandum

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Comments Read below or Add a comment. Charles March 5, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Perfect Your PowerPoint Skills.Description This is the perfect investment teaser template that you can use to help you in looking for funding or responding to inquiries about private equity.

This PowerPoint document can be easily modified to your own business context. There are three key reasons that you should use this investment teaser template for your SaaS business: 1. It will help you to save time 2. It will help you to control the flow of information 3. It will help you to build and spread excitement about your SaaS business This investment teaser template will allow you to convey many of the key elements about your SaaS business.

As such, you will be able to put across your message succinctly and successfully to potential investors, without giving too much away. This will help to prick the interest of potential investors.

This can also be a helpful tool when entering discussions with Private Equity firms as it will allow you to quickly put across the key points behind your SaaS business.

These templates can be used to generate genuine excitement among investors and private equity firms in a quick and simple way. Using these templates will help you to save a lot of time and ultimately, help to sell your company. Add to bookmarks. Write a review. View all Eloqoons. Why do I need to sign up with LinkedIn? Send to a friend linkedin twitter facebook code.

Ben Murray offers you this Best Practice for free! Complete Private Equity Model Complete financial model for valuing, forecasting, and acquiring companies in the form of private equity investments. Create a Pitch Deck with These 11 Slides When fundraising for your business, a great pitch deck is a key component. Wind Farm Development Excel Model Template Complete financial model for financing, building, operating, and selling wind farms.

More Best Practices from Ben Murray. One downoad, 23 SaaS templates. Suitable for startups and SMB's. SaaS Revenue Forecast Excel Template This simple, easy to use excel tool will allow you to calculate accurate revenue forecasts for your SaaS business.

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Customer Lifetime Value Excel Template This Excel template helps you to calculate the revenue you receive from a customer over their lifetime.

Sales Team Headcount Forecast Excel Template This Excel spreadsheet template will help you forecast your sales team headcount while scaling bookings. Login View all Eloqoons. Create an account View all Eloqoons.

Have an account? Are you using this Best Practice forThe more we earn money, the more we should think of investing it into a worthy venture. But sometimes, investing our hard-earned money on something takes a lot of thinking. One of the most common investments people put their money on is real estate.

Owning a property is a must these days, especially in this fast-paced world. A deal is usually made between the real estate agent and the prospective client. A real estate investment proposal must be written before anything else. A real estate investment proposal is a document that is created by a new real-estate business or an existing one to attract potential investors to invest in their business. It means that you are allocating specific amounts of money and other resources in exchange for getting extra benefits or profit in the future.

What is the purpose of using an Investment Proposal? Investment proposals are presented to prospective investors to let them know who the business is and what it does in detail. A well-made investment proposal attracts and persuades investors. It has valuable details that will help investors decide whether or not they want to fund your business. What is a Real Estate Investment Proposal used for?

Real estate agents, businesses looking for a new space, building developers, service companies, etc. How to make an Investment Proposal?